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My Grandmother Got Naked In Bed With Her Husband

Grandparents on bed

My grandmom paid a surprise visit to one of her daughters and found her lying in bed naked waiting for her husband.

She asked her why she is lying naked and she replied, "It is the dress of love."

When my grandmom got home she decided to try what she saw at her daughter's house with her husband (my grandfather).

She laid on the bed and stripped herself naked waiting for her husband to come.

My grandfather later came home and saw her wife stripped naked on the bed so he asked why she is naked.

GRANDMOM: "I am wearing the dress of love."

GRANDFATHER: "Then you better iron it."

Super funny Short Jokes

1. Disappointment is when you want to sign up on a porn site with your father's email but you got rejected because it has already been used.

2. No matter how arrogant and disrespectful you are, you will always obey running stomach.

3. You can't like fat girls and hate stretch marks. My brother, it is a package.

4. Nobody wakes up earlier than a woman who is sleeping with another woman's husband in the same compound or same apartment.

5. I just realised that smoking weed while reading a textbook is what people refer to as Higher Education.

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