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I Ate My Teachers Food

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Way back in High School, I used to ask a lot of questions concerning things I don't understand.

One day I asked my class teacher, Mrs Jane, why do we ignore some letters in pronouncing words like 'H' in Hour, 'Honour' and 'Honest'.

Mrs Jane told me that those letters are not ignored, they are just silent.

Her answer to my question confused me even more.

One day, during the lunch break, Mrs Doris gave me her packed lunch to go and heat it at the cafeteria.

As soon as I got there, I just made the 'H' in the word 'Heat' silent so I finish the food.

5 Funny Short Jokes

1. Guys, we sometimes need to surprise our girlfriends by taking them with us to the graveyard and Introduce them to our Ancestors.

2. If a girl refused to show you her milk industry during romance, just know the wall of Jericho is no more standing.

3. Nothing breaks one's heart than a neighbour who has an ugly daughter but won't stop calling you "My Inlaw."

4. Girls of this generation can have a boyfriend, an assistant boyfriend, step boyfriend, incoming boyfriend, pending boyfriend, future boyfriend and God-fearing boyfriend.

5. Relationship heartbreak can make a guy take his father's phone and text his ex saying "are you sure you're done with my son?"

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