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FUNNY JOKES: We Were Forced To Swallow Fruit

A collection of fruits

John, Stephen and I were travelling through the forest and we came across some group of bad guys.

They captured and threatens to kill us but they will only set us free only if we can bring to them a fruit each from the forest.

After the command, we went on our separate ways to search for the fruits.

John was the first to return from the search with grapes.

They asked him to swallow it and be free to go.

He did it without blinking.

Stephen later came with lemons in his hands. Lucky for it was quite small so he was able to swallow it.

After hours of search, I finally find one fruit. So I set back to where we were captured.

As soon as I reached there, they all started laughing because they saw me coming with a Watermellon.

1. Some people will be snoring like a dragon when they sleep but as soon as they wake up they will come to social media and post: "Wow! I can't believe I slept like a baby." Please are talking about a baby dragon or what?

2. Quote of the day: No matter how bad you are, you're not useless. You can still be used as a bad example.

3. Have noticed that short guys with bald head look like roll on.

4. I can't believe I just started a philanthropic work. Today, a man knocked on my door and asked for a small donation towards the local swimming pool and I gave him a glass of water.

5. Some women are crazy. I was beaten by this woman in the elevator today. I was staring at her boobs then she said, "Could you please press one?"

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