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FUNNY JOKE: You Should Miss School After Reading This

Do you still remember those awkward moments in school?

When the brilliant students report to the invigilator that one of the questions have a problem during examination but you've already answered that question long ago.

When a fellow student doing the same exam as yours requested for a Graph sheet but you're almost finished with all the questions and didn't see where the graph is required.

When your teacher asked the class to leave a question unanswered because wrongly structured but that was the question you enjoyed answering the most.

When you turn to see people using rules, compasses and protractors and you're wondering what's going on.

When you hear your friends arguing after the Exam whether the answer to a certain question was 7.5% or 7.0% but the answer you provided was 3600.

When other students ask for additional answer sheets but you have 3 pages empty on your answer sheet.

1. Guys if you ask her how she is doing and she says she is not fine, please don't ask what's wrong with her. It's a trap. Just tell her "May God be with you."

2. Yesterday I introduced my girlfriend to my mum and she was very happy for me. Today I'm going to introduce another girl to her. I want to make her very proud.

3. If baboons had money, trust me, some girls would be spending their time in the forest.

4. "Babe please go and lock the door first." This sentence alone can heal a cripple.

5. Gone are the days when guys were afraid their girlfriends will wash their pussy to cook for them to eat. Now they eat the pussy raw without spices.

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