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FUNNY JOKE: I Would Never Teach Pre-School Kids Again

Pre-school kids in the classsroom with their teacher

At the pre-school where I teach, there was this little and adorable kid in my class.

Yesterday as I was about to leave my office for the house and I saw her busily trying to wear his shoes.

I approached and decided to help him wear his shoes.

I realized the shoes were smaller for him so it took me more than 5 minutes to help her wear it.

As I was leaving, I heard him complaining that his shoes look like bananas on him.

When I looked at his shoes I realized that I have misplaced it. The left shoe was on his right foot and the right shoe was on his left foot.

It took me about 3 minutes before I was able to remove the shoes.

I spent another 5 minutes struggling to put on the shoes but at this time in a correct way.

It was difficult doing that but not as the first time.

I asked him why his mom would make him wear a shoe that is much smaller on him to school.

He replied, "These are not my shoes."

At that time I was on the verge of getting angry but I comported myself and removed the shoes off his feet again.

I asked him again where his shoes are and he answered, "Theses are my brother's shoes but my mom made me wear it this morning."

I helped him put on the shoes again.

As soon as I was done he asked me about his socks.

I nearly went crazy so I asked where his shoes are?

He pointed to his shoes and said: "I've hidden them in my shoes, they are in front of my toes."

If cooking for your husband is slavery then spending his money is corruption.

Some guys will leave the lady that truly loves them thinking there are many fishes in the ocean only to go and catch octopus.

Do you know that marriage is the cheapest way of having sex? According to the researcher Dave, You'll have to pay a small amount of money as bride price for once and you'll stay with the woman for more than 40 years which is more than 480 months. Considering how much you paid for the bride price, do the calculation yourself and you will know how much you would spend per sex. Why should you pay a lot of money for a prostitute while you can spend less when you get married.

Some girl will be like "Baby you are my world" but this is her fourth world in just 2 months. My dear sister, are you building a solar system?

Imagine when your rent is due and you hear that your sugar daddy who rented your apartment for you just died. You will cry more than his wife herself.

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