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FUNNY JOKE: How I Got My Wife Go To The Market Instead Of Me

A woman in the fruit market

My wife sent me a message that when I'm coming back from the office, I should get some vegetables from the market for her and she also added: "Priscilla says hi."

I didn't know who that Priscila is so I replied to her asking who Priscila is and she said she added that to the message so that I will reply and it will indicate that I've read the message.

As smart as I am, I again replied: "But I'm with Priscilla right now so which Priscilla are you talking about?"

WIFE: Where are you?

ME: "In the market at the vegetable's section."

WIFE: "Wait for me, I'm coming there right now."

After 10 minutes.

WIFE: "Where are you?"

ME: "I'm at the office. Now that you're in the market, buy all the vegetables you need."

1. The day you will be looking for a job and find out that the Human Resource Manager is your X u treated badly is the day you will know why mathematics always tells us to find the value of X.

2. Some girls are always like, "good guys don't exist", we exist, it's just that you call us brothers or see us not to be your choice of man u want.

3. The University in my hometown has more students on social media than on campus.

4. Stupidity is when you have a Lamborghini and a Tesla but you still have a landlord. A good African slap needs to land on your face.

5. Some guys will be like "she is not my type" Let me ask you this one big question. Are you looking for a relationship or Blood group"

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