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FUNNY JOKE: God Finally Answered My Prayer

A man kneeling outside in the grass with his hands fold in front of him praying

I've been praying this particular prayer for years but no answer.

One day, as I was praying, God appeared in the sky and asked what I want him to do for me.

I replied, "Please God, I want to drive a big car and have plenty of girls in it."

God said, "May your wish come through."

Can you believe that right now I'm a school bus driver of YULA Girls High School?

My prayer has been answered right?

Short Jokes

1. TEACHER: "What is the difference between young age and old age?"

ME: "At a young age, you will have so many girls numbers on your phone while at old age you will have doctors and nurses numbers."

2. Betrayal is when you see a woman’s breast firm inside her bra but as soon as she removes the bra, BOOM! It drops like an album.

3. Kids of today don't know what struggle is. Back in the days, if you had to type 'S' on a phone, you'd have to press the '7' button 4 times before your dream come through.

4. WIFE: Honey you were so drunk last night to the extent that you insulted your boss and he fired you.

HUSBAND: Fuck him!

WIFE: Honey, I already did and he said you can resume work on Monday.

5. Some girls are like, "Kiss me on the neck, it turns me on" meanwhile the neck tastes like 44 volts of a car battery, salt and Aloe.

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