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FUNNY JOKE: Why We Should Allow Our Phones To Rest A Bit

A man talking on a phone

Last night, I mistakenly got out of the elevator on the 6th floor instead of the 8th floor on my way home.

I was busy scrolling through my phone without realising I was on a different floor.

I went into my neighbour's room without knowing it wasn't mine.

My neighbour, who was also busy with her phone didn't notice who I was.

She served me food on the dining table without looking at my face.

Whiles eating the food, I looked up and saw her husband entering the house and he was also glued to his mobile phone.

As soon as he saw me in the room he said, "Sorry, I think I've entered a wrong house again."

1. If you still remember your EX’s name that means you haven't moved on. Thank God I totally forgot Rose.

2. If you're dating a broke married man its a waste of sin. My dear sister if u want to sin, sin wisely.

3. Now the only private part left for some girls is their brain.

4. I want to open a mortuary but I want you guys to promise me that you will die to support my work.

5. If the bride's parents dance too much on your wedding day, no one should tell you that you've just married the trouble maker in their family.

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