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FUNNY JOKE: The Wedding Door

A wedding premises with an opened door

I was invited to a wedding but when I reached the premises there were two doors.

The first one has an inscription, 'Brides Friend's' and the second one also has 'Groom's Friends' written on it.

So I entered the one which has 'Goom's Friends' written on it.

After entering the door I saw another two doors with 'Women' written on one and 'Men' written on the other one.

I entered the one which has 'Men' written on it and it also has two doors.

One of the doors has 'People with a gift' and 'People without a gift' on the other door.

Since I didn't go there with a gift I entered the door which has 'People without a gift' written on it only to find myself standing outside the premises.

1. In where I come from, beat a child, console him or her with a biscuit and ask, "who beat you?" He will point to another person. That is how corruption started in my village.

2. A man can work for 10 years with an unemployed wife and still be happy, But a woman will work 5days and the whole community will know about the unemployed husband.

3. If you ask your girlfriend for nudes and she sends them instantly, just know that you are not the only one enjoying the view.

4. A good wife brings her husband's phone in a tray when it rings, and waits outside the house as he answers.

5. Some people are scared to use public transport because they own cars and mansions on social media.

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