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FUNNY JOKE: The Three Pregnant Women

Three pregnant women

3 men took their pregnant wives to the hospital for delivery.

As they were in the waiting room, the doctor came and ask the first man, "Please what do you do for a living?"

1ST MAN: "I'm the finance manager of TV 3."

DOCTOR: "Congratulations, your wife has given birth to a triplet."

The doctor moved on to the 2nd man and ask him the same question, "What do you do for a living?"

2ND MAN: "I work at 5-Star Company Limited."

DOCTOR: "Congratulations, your wife has given birth to 5 kids." 

Surprisingly, the 3rd man started crying.

The doctor was confused about why he's crying so he asked, "why are you crying?"

3RD MAN: "I work at 37 Military Hospital."

1. How can my girlfriend prepared pepper soup for me and forgot to add pepper?

2. Dating two guys aren't a problem until one says he wants the pussy shaved and the other says he wants it hairy.

3. Some patients can confuse the doctor, they'll be like, "Doctor, I'm having chest pains all over my body."

4. People with big foreheads don't forget so easily. They will remind you of the things you did on the 21st of July 2008 10:05 am. That external hard drive on their head is working overtime.

5. I just bought a car air freshener. I will buy the car later because I can't do two things at a time.

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