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FUNNY JOKE: My Uncle Reads His Will To His Family

A man on a sickbed in the hospital

My uncle was on a sickbed and he got scared he may die so he decided to read his will to his wife and my kids.

He called his wife and his 4 kids to his bed in the hospital and started reading it out to them.

UNCLE: "To you, my wife, take over the petroleum company that is located next to the mall."

Her wife started crying loudly.

UNCLE: "To you my first son, Kevin, take over the Mall next to the petroleum company."

Kevin started crying loudly.

UNCLE: "To you my second son, Daniel, take over that High School in our community."

The 2nd son also started crying loudly than before.

UNCLE: "John (3rd son), Take care of the Gas Station close to the Airport"

UNCLE: "Finally, to you, my only daughter, the hotel in front of the Airport will be left under your care."

His wife together with his kids were all crying loudly than before and that left the nurses and the doctors around in confusion.

One nurse then asked, "I don't understand why you are crying so loudly. Your dad left you a lot of properties and I supposed you should be fine with them."

The wife looked at the nurse talking and said, "my husband, is a street cleaner and those are the place he sweeps every day."

1. Of late I've been busy so if you call my mobile number and it's not reachable, try my bank account number. I mostly receive bank alerts faster than phone calls

2. I this era people ask what you do for a living so that they can calculate the level of respect they'll give you.

3. "My girlfriend is the best and most faithful," says a guy whose girlfriend has been chasing me for months.

4. Beautiful girls don't post pictures much. It's the ugly ones that will not let our eyes rest.

5. If a lady asks you to wait for her and she will be done in the next 15 minutes, please go back to your room, take your bible and start reading from Genesis before you reach Acts of Apostles she'll be ready.

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