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FUNNY JOKE: My Politician Dad Thinks He Is Smart

A husband and wife (parent) sitting in a couch talking to their kid

My politician dad was once having an erotic conversation with my mom and because I was around and didn't want me to understand what they're saying, they started using coded language but they had no idea I understood everything they were talking about.

This is what ensued between them;

DAD: "Honey, will the election take place today?"

MOM: "No please, the opposition in red has arrived at the entrance of the pooling station."

DAD: "When was that? Then I'll have to go to another polling station and cast my vote."

Deep down in my head, this couple looks funny to me. 

So I joined the conversation and asked my dad "Why are you going to cast your vote at a different polling station? That is electoral malpractice, wait till the opposition leaves so you can vote. Besides, I've been the president for 9 years now and I need a successor.

1. In your house, you can't even sleep when that small radio is on but you can snore in the church with 8 big speakers blasting your ears. Do you know you're possessed?

2. Apart from you'll tear my underwear, let me remove it for you, which other motivational quotes do know as a guy.

3. Any guy without beards looks like is an emoji. 😂😜😎 Now tell me if I'm lying.

4. Beauty has finally left the hands of the beholder. It's now in the hands of makeup artists, filters and photo editors.

5. In the olden days, virginity was a marriage gift but in this our generation, virginity has become a birthday gift.

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