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FUNNY JOKE: My High School Teacher Asked Me For Direction

A man asking for direction from another guy

Yesterday I saw my High School Mathematics teacher in my neighbourhood.

He was on is way to the bank so as soon he saw me, he approached and asked for direction to the bank because he was new in the neighbourhood.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to confuse him just like what he did to some of us way back in High School in the Mathematics class.

I told him to make a 360° turn and walk for about 1.8m, then find the coefficient of X using Pythagoras Theorem and round it up to the nearest tens. He will see a big pharmacy which is perpendicular to his right, then make an obtuse angle turn, he'll see the bank at a distance of about the logarithm of 7 and using four figure table to find the Anti-log.

I made sure he felt what I felt whenever we were in the Maths class back in High School.

This morning I heard in the news on the radio that he's missing.

I'm very sure he did not plot the graph well.

1. They say love is the best feeling ever, but I think reaching the toilet when you have diarrhoea is much better.

2. I'm standing right beside a beautiful lady in the bank and she is filling a form. She has gotten to the column which asks 'Sex' and she is writing 'Doggy Style'. Should I correct her or allow her to submit it like that.

3. That guy you think is better than your boyfriend is just being nice and caring because he hasn't slept with you yet.

4. May all your enemies be confused like a 30-year-old woman who is still dating for fun.

5. Eating Pizza with a friend that paid for it is really stressful. You will be asking Holy Spirit that, “Lord, is it the right time to pick another piece?”

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