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FUNNY JOKE: My Definition of Sex?

A picture text with an inscription 'sex' on it with a black background.

My teacher came to the class one morning and asked: "What is sex?"

I wanted to show the class how smart I was so I decided to answer the question.

"Sex is a temptation caused by a sensation where a guy sticks his location into a girls destination to increase the population of the next generation. Did you get my explanation or you need a demonstration?

After I gave that answer the school is begging me to replace the teacher.

1. My roommate just came back with his girlfriend, both of them have been starring at me for over 4 hours now thinking that I will give them privacy to do what they want to do. Am not going anywhere I don't support evil. Where is my gamepad? Let me even start playing Fortnite.

2. Girls if your breasts are not standing, please never try to be on top during sex. Some of us guys are tired of dodging those slaps. We didn't do anything wrong.

3. Some girls are like "My ex left a big hole in my heart which nobody can fill." My sister, don't deceive us we all know where the hole is.

4. Women can't stop to be funny. Imagine just a drop, I mean a very small drop, she will make noise for 9 months. What about we the guys that carry the full tank everywhere we go.

5. Please I need a quick answer. Is condom an input device or output device?

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