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FUNNY JOKE: My Brother Swallowed A Memory Card

A memory card

Guys, I need your help. I need you to pray for my younger brother.

We are currently on our way to the hospital.

Just this morning, he accidentally swallowed my 16 Gigabyte memory card and he has been singing all the songs on it.

we are so worried and scared because we don't know what he will do when he reaches the folder that has videos.

That folder is full of action films.

1. Whenever your boyfriend says you're like a mother to him, My sister, hide your purse. I repeat hide your purse.

2. Girls who date more than one guy either don't have room to sleep or they are just hungry.

3. Apart from women, which other problem do you know that doesn't have a solution? 

4. The problem starts when you think "I Love You" means "I'll never leave you". 

5. Anytime you see a girl singing Beyonce's 'If I were a boy' song, just know that she is on her period.

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