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FUNNY JOKE: Mathematical Kiss

A guy and a girl kissing

I was employed to homeschool this pretty girl I've been crushing on for the past 7 months. I was actually teaching her mathematics.

In one of the classes, I kissed her and then kissed her again and I told her, "This is addition."

Then she kissed me back and I said, "This is subtraction."

We started kissing each other so many times and I said, " This is call multiplication."

Out of nowhere, her dad came in, gave me a knock on my forehead, slapped my face, kicked me, beat me up entirely and threw me away and he said, "This is called BODMAS."

1. Kidnapping a slim girl is just like stealing a cable wire.

2. I downloaded this Indian porn of about 2.4gig yesterday. Can you believe they danced till the end?

3. Just because you get 1k likes on Facebook doesn't mean you're a celebrity, celebrities are those we see on Tv and besides they get paid.

4. When he's rich and he cheats, we pray for him to stop but when he's broke and he cheats, we pave way for him to go and never comes back.

5. Research has shown that as a lady if you walk past a group of guys who are arguing and they continue their argument, you should know that you’re ugly.

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