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FUNNY JOKE: I Tried Something New

A black woman breastfeeding her baby

I wonder why some women can be so difficult sometimes.

My wife had to run an errand so she decided to leave our sleeping newborn baby in the care of our pretty house help.

Soon after she left, the little boy woke up and started crying.

The house help did everything she can to stop our baby from crying but to no avail.

She then decided to give her breast to our baby to see whether he'll stop crying.

It actually worked like magic. He stopped crying immediately he was given the breast.

I came out of my room and saw what was happening and I got so angry because I was afraid he would get sick as a result of that.

I order the house help to stop what she was doing but she told me that there is no breast milk coming out of her breast.

This girl thinks she can trick me.

I didn't believe it so I had to confirm it.

As I was sucking the breast to confirm, my wife came in.

Guys, did I do anything wrong?

1. When I hear men say, "women are wicked", I just laugh. What do you expect from the only creature that ever met Satan?

2. When you get broken heart you'll sleep at 10:23pm, wake up at 10:25pm and it will still feel you've slept for 5 hours.

3. Sleeping with men for money can't make you successful, because success is not a sexually transmitted disease.

4. The deadly farts I come across in Taxis nowadays is an inspiration enough for me to hustle hard and buy my own car.

5. HER: Baby I'm pregnant.

HIM: Oh you've changed your name?

HER: Hey I said I'm pregnant, no jokes.

HIM: Wow! you've changed your surname too?

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