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FUNNY JOKE: How My Girlfriend Saved My Number On Her Phone

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My girlfriend visited me last night and when she went into the bathroom to shower, her phone began ringing multiple times.

I was much concerned so I decided to check who was calling her at that time.

I picked the phone and to my surprise, I saw Will Smith calling.

Another call came and it was Lil Wayne calling.

I began feeling nervous.

A few minutes later Nicky Minaj was also calling.

I thought everything was okay until I say the phone ringing again, and this time, it was Justin Bieber calling.

I said to myself, is this girl some kind of celebrity I didn't know or what?

All of a sudden, different thoughts were running through my mind and one of them was why don't I call to see how she has stored my number.

I picked my phone and called her number only to see Mr Penny calling written on her phone's screen.

I guess I need to work hard.

1. Don't let Facebook likes make you forget that you're ugly in real life.

2. Some guys are like, "I'll propose to her at the right time." Please, I want to ask, which time is the wrong one? Have you ever seen a time like 7: 97 pm before?

3. If the person I want doesn't want me, the person that wants me will also not get me. We will all suffer together. I can't afford to suffer alone.

4. Nobody politely lowers their voice than a guy who is asking for a girl's phone number in a taxi 

5. You can bleach your body from head to toe and shine like a diamond, but your pussy and your anus will own you up.

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