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FUNNY JOKE: The Faithful Husband Of The Century

Mariage couple having an argument

My wife asked me to get her an Ice Cream from the store.

On my way to the store, I saw this pretty woman so I decided to talk to her and one thing led to another.

We ended up in her bed in her apartment.

After the fun, I realized it was 3 in the dawn. "Oh no, my wife will kill me."

So I asked for powder from this woman and then rubbed it on my hands.

After that, I went home to face my wife.

I got to the house and my wife was lying in the couch full of anger waiting for me.

As soon as I opened the door she asked, "where have you been?"

I couldn't lie to her so I decided to tell the truth. "Honey let me explain. I was on my way to get the Ice Cream when I met this pretty woman so I decided to talk to her. One thing led to another and we eventually ended up in her bed in her apartment".

Surprisingly my wife asked to see my hand and she saw the powder on my hands and she was like, "You're a very big liar, after everything we've talked about and all the promises you gave me you  are playing pool again, right:"

1. No one has pride at the night club than the girl who is dating the DJ.

2. I don't know why people will study different types of books to pass their exams but fail to study one person so they get a broken heart.

3. I thought I've seen it all until I met one guy called Soq Madik. I just wonder how he will mention his name at job interviews.

INTERVIEWER: "Please what's your name?"

GUY: "Soq Madik."

INTERVIEWER: "Suck your what?"

GUY: "Madik."

4. TEACHER: "A boy died because he masturbated 42 times in just a day. ​What did we learn from this?"

Dave: "41 is the limit."

5. So those of you saying everything is possible in this world, try watching porn videos with your parents.

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