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FUNNY JOKE: Three Married Women Talks About Their Sex Life

Three women sitting down together chatting

Three married women, Mrs Hyde, Mrs Addison and Mrs Kelly met at the community part where they usually meet to chat.

Their conversation gradually turned into discussing their sex life.

MRS HYDE: "I have noticed that when I go down on my husband, his balls are always cold."

MRS ADDISON: "Yes the same thing applies to me. Whenever I go down on him, his balls are also cold."

Mrs Kelly who has never tried that before was shocked and shouted at them. "This is disgusting, how can you do such a thing."

Both Mrs Hyde and Addison convinced Mrs Kelly into believing that it's not disgusting by explaining to her how it makes men happy.

Mrs Kelly promised her friends that she will try it on her husband.

The next day, Mrs Hyde and Addison were both shocked to see Mrs Kelly's swollen face and bruises with bandages all over her body.

"What happened?" They asked.

MRS KELLY: "I've just been discharged from the hospital. My husband did this to me."

MRS HYDE: "Sorry my dear. But what happened?"

MRS KELLY: "I don't really know. Last night, I went down on my husband as I promised you yesterday and all that I said was honey, your balls are also cold like Mrs Hyde and Mrs Addison's husband." I woke up this morning only to see myself in a hospital bed.

1. Kissing your partner is not a problem. The problem is how you do it. Stop making a sound like a car crash or a camera shutter sound.

2. Screaming during sex is romantic and it's not a problem at all. The problem is shouting words like; "Jesus, Oh my God, Holy Mary etc." You're having sex, not a church service. And besides, are you remembering God to punish you later or what?

3. Wearing short and skimpy skirts is not a problem. In fact, it's very Sexy. The problem is wearing these skirts and looking all nice but when you see guys around you try to pull it down forcing it to be longer. Don't you see that you're deceiving yourself?

4. Loving your man is not a problem. The problem is replacing your surname on Social Media with his own when he hasn't even introduced you to his parents. Just chill, I would hate to read your next post saying, "Men are wicked and cheaters."

5. Saying all men or women are the same is not my problem but who asked you to try them all?

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