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FUNNY JOKES: It's Not My Fault This Time

A white kid with a black eye

I came home from  Sunday School with a black eye. My father saw it and asked, "Dave, how many times do I have to tell you not to fight with other boys?

ME: "But dad, it wasn't my fault. We were all saying our prayers in the church. As we stood up, the girl in front of me had her dress in her butt crack. As a good and responsible person, I reached over and pulled it out. She got annoyed and hits me."

MY DAD: "Dave, you don't do these kinds of things to women."

The next Sunday I came home with my a black eye on my other eye.

MY DAD: "Didn't we had a talk about this?"

ME: "But it wasn't my fault this time. Just like the other time, we were saying our prayers and as we all stood up, the same girl from the last Sunday had her dress in her butt crack. Stephen, who was sitting next to me saw it and reached over and pulled it out. I know she doesn't like this so I pushed it back in."

1. In my village, the population is always the same because whenever a girl gets pregnant, a guy runs away.

2. Is every man's dream to remove pant but not when it's on the clothesline.

3. If u see the way some guys shake their dick after urinating. No one will tell you that they were bell ringers during their elementary school.

4. My dear sister, if you're in a relationship and the only time your partner gets time for you is in the night, trust me you're dating a mosquito.

5. Dating a lady with bow legs is not the problem. Until the day she decides to wear red trousers/pants. She'd be looking like a pair pliers.

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