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FUNNY JOKE: She Thought I Was Cheating On Her With The Maid

A man and a woman caught in bed naked cheating.

My wife suspected I was cheating on her with our housemaid so she set up a trap for me so as to catch me in the act.

She sent the maid to her hometown without telling me.

In the night, as usual, I told her I'm going to watch a wrestling match in the living room.

To her, her plans to catch me has just begun.

She hurriedly sneaked into the maid's room, put off the light and lay on the bed naked waiting for me to fall for the trap.

Minutes later the door of the maid's room opened, no one could see each other in the dark and without wasting time the action began.

After the fifth round, she said "It's enough, you think I will never catch you. So this is how you've been having sex with her right? You always go one round and tell me you're tired, five rounds and you're still begging for more".

The gardener replied, "Sorry madam I didn't know it was you."

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