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FUNNY JOKE: My Stupid Son And His Duck

A man sitting down with a big white duck on his lap

I gave a duck each to my 3 sons and ask them to go and sell them for a better price.

My first son was the one who came home earlier with $10 in his has.

He told me that he was able to sell his duck for $10.

I congratulated him and told him to get a beer for himself.

My second son also came home with $20 in his hand. I also congratulated him and told him to buy a beer for himself just like the first son.

My third son who is known to be the stupid one among my sons also went out with his duck and saw a pretty woman on the roadside.

He approached and told her that he will give his duck to her if she will have sex with him. The girl thought about it for some time and agreed to it.

He performed very well to the extent that the lady requested for round two for which she will pay him with the duck she collected from him.

In the course of the second round, the duck got loose and ran out into the road.

They tried to prevent the duck from being run over by the moving cars but they were not fast enough.

The duck was hit by an approaching vehicle.

The driver jumped out of the vehicle and pleaded with my third son to take $50 dollars to cater for the cost of the animal.

He returned home in the evening and gave me what he made from selling the duck.

When I asked him how he was able to make that money, he said, “I got a fuck for a duck, a duck for a fuck, and fifty bucks for a fucked up duck.”

I then gave him all his properties.

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