FUNNY JOKE: Playing Golf With The Rich Folks

Four people playing golf on a golf park

I wanted to try something new so I started playing golf at the golf park that was newly built in my area.

On the first day at the park, I got out of my car and move straight to the locker room.

The room was full of rich folk changing and chatting as well.

I picked a locker and started changing too.

A phone rang and one the men around answered and started talking.

It was his wife on the phone. He put it on loudspeaker because his hands were full.

MAN: "Hello my dear."

HIS WIFE: "Honey are you still at the park?"

MAN: "Yes."

HIS WIFE: "I'm at the  Mall right now and I've found this beautiful shoe. It's only $2,000. I  like it, should I buy?"

MAN: "Sure, go ahead my love, get one for yourself if you really like it."

HIS WIFE: "I also stopped by the Mercedes Benz dealership and some of the newest models have arrived. I've seen one that I really liked."

MAN: "How much is it?"

HIS WIFE: "Just $145,000."

MAN: "Okay you can go for it but make sure it comes with all the options."

HIS WIFE: "One last thing, the mansion I wanted last year is back on the market for sale. This time they're taking $1,000,000."

MAN: "Wow! that's a good price, right? Make preparations when I come home were will go and see it ourselves."

HIS WIFE: "Okay my love, I'll see you later, I love you so much."

The man hanged up the phone and looking at the facial expression of the other guys, this kind of conversation looks normal to them. So I joined.

The next day in the locker room, as usual, the rich folks were there changing and chatting so I joined them in the conversation.

All of a sudden my phone started ringing. I looked at the phone and it was my wife.

I knew she was going to ask what I would like to eat in the evening so I decided to use that as an opportunity to brag about my wealth.

I answered the phone, put it on a loudspeaker and all that I could hear from my wife was: "You motherfucker, why didn't you lay the bed before leaving the house. Who told you to take the money on my drawer. You'll come and meet me at the house today."

At that moment all that I could do was turn them and ask "Whose phone is this?"

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