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FUNNY JOKE: No Amount Of Advice Will Make Me Go To School Again

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So my grade 4 English teacher, Miss Becky, taught us 'Words and their Opposites'.

The next day when she came for another lesson, she decided to test us to see whether we remember what she taught the previous day. So she asked.

"Just yesterday I taught you 'Words and their Opposites' so who can tell me the opposite of 'Go'."

She waited for 5 minutes and no answer from the class gave her an answer.

She became so angry and picked up her cane that was lying patiently on her table.

I was scared so I quickly raised my hands without even knowing what to say.

All heads turned towards my side like I'm a celebrity.

My teacher then said, "So Dave is the only one I taught yesterday right? I'll teach you some lessons today."

"Dave come out in front. Before you answer the question, take this cane and give each of them 3 strokes."

I gave 3 strokes each to each member of the class including the bullies in my class.

In fact, I used that as an opportunity to revenge on those who have offended me.

By the time I was done, my shirt was drenched with sweat.

After that, my teacher ordered the class to be quiet and listen to my answer.

"Now tell us, what is the opposite of 'Go'?"

I raised my voice with all confidence, I said, "The opposite for 'Go' is 'I will no go'."

My teacher nearly fainted. she then ordered the class to take the same cane I used on them and give me back my 3 strokes each in return.

All of a sudden I turned into a calculator, "3 strokes multiplied by 62 pupils."

I knew my career has ended so I jumped out through the window and ran home.

Please if you see my teacher in your neighbourhood don't tell her I'm still alive.

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