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My Pastor Preached About Lies

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One Sunday my pastor announced to the whole church that he will be preaching on the topic 'Lies' on the following Sunday.

As a preparation for the sermon, he asked us to go and read Mark Chapter 17:1 from the Holy Bible.

On the following Sunday, we were all seated ready to listen to what he has for us.

He mounts the altar, grabs the microphone and the first thing he said is "Last week I asked all of you to read Mark chapter 17:1. If you're here and you read it please raise your hands and let me see those who obeyed me."

More than half of the congregation raised their hands including me.

Looking at all those with their hands raised, he started smiling and said, "You are the very people I want to talk to today, the liars. The book of Mark has only 16 chapters so where exactly did you read."

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