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FUNNY JOKE: My Crazy Dad

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My dad called me in school to see how I'm doing when he heard on the news that there is an ongoing riot in my school.

DAD: "Hello Dave, how are you doing?"

ME: "I'm good Dad."

DAD: "Where are you at this moment?"

ME: "I'm in my hostel now."

DAD: "Good to hear that. I heard there is an ongoing riot in your school. For safety reasons please don't go out. Stay in your room and don't join them."

ME: "Okay Dad. Thank you for your advice."

5 minutes later my father called again.

DAD: "My son, what caused the riot?"

ME: "The Vice-Chancellor has added a 100% increment to out tuition fees and he said we are in the times of change so everything must change."

DAD: "Does that mean I will be paying double of what I paid last semester?"

ME: "Yes Dad."

DAD: "Where are you now?"

ME: "I'm in my room."

DAD: "Are you mad? What are you doing in your room? Take a machete and join them. Did I trained you to be lazy like that?"

1. I sold out my industrial standing fan all because of my slim girlfriend. Whenever I put on my fan it will be moving her anywhere it wishes.

2. Nothing will surprise me again. Today, I saw a lady with stretch marks on her forehead

3. My dear friends, work extra hard today so that your kids will not be on social media telling people to type 'Amen' to receive miracles.

4. Girls with fallen boobs hate doggy style because their boobs will be hitting their tummy 'Ta Ta Ta Ta'.

5. A prostitute was like "if my body is the temple of God, who am I to limit the number of people who want to enter? I want to win souls."

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