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FUNNY JOKE: Mom And Dad In The Shower

Couple in a bath tub kissing

My dad made an order online so the next day the delivery man came to deliver the goods.

He knocked on our door and I attended to him.

DELIVERY MAN: "Can I see your dad?"

ME: "He is in the shower."

DELIVERY MAN: "What about your mom, can I see her?"

ME: "She is in the shower too."

DELIVERY MAN: "Do you think they'll be out soon?"

ME: "I doubt it. When my dad asked me to get the Vaseline, I gave him glue instead."

1. I need a girlfriend that will whisper into my ear and say, "Baby use me for money ritual get rich then come and marry my younger sister". Applications are still ongoing. Don't be shy to volunteer.

2. A woman who’s looking for a child does not sleep with her pants on. African proverb.

3. Some ladies stay longer in the bathroom than they do in a relationship.

4. If you tell your boyfriend all your problems and he replies, "So what are you going to do now?" My sister, you're dating one of your problems.

5. That question "Did you cum inside me? Is very important to ladies.

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