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FUNNY JOKE: A Married Man Died Before He could Have Sex With His Wife

A man and his wife lying on their matrimonial bed

A newly married man died without having sex with his wife.

The wife, out of sorrow and depression cut off her husband's penis and mounted it on the wall.

Whenever she has the desire to have sex, she will just go to the wall and satisfy herself.

One day, her next-door neighbour, John found out what was happening in the house so he made a hole in the wall, removed the dead husband's penis and replaced it with his own through the hole and waited for the woman.

After 30 minutes of waiting, the woman finally came.

She came home with a knife and she was like, "Honey we are moving into a new house."

1. Witchcraft is when the bed makes more noise than the woman herself.

2. Witchcraft is when you're suspecting that your boyfriend has a side chick, then boom! You are the side chick.

3. Witchcraft is when you want to give your mom money from your pocket but then you take out a condom instead.

4. I have vomited three times today in the presence of my mom and she has been looking at me somehow. Should I remind her that I'm not pregnant and that I'm a guy?

5. According to my scientific research, only slim girls are supposed to wear earrings. The fat ones can wear padlocks or buckets.

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