FUNNY JOKE: The Madman And My New 4X4 Car

A madman standing behind a yellow SUV 4x4 car

This madman in my area saw my new 4X4 car parked in front of my house.

He said, "Look at this, the owner of this car is very dumb, simple 4x4 he can't solve it. This is so embarrassing."

He took a stone and wrote '= 16' on the car.

I was very angry when I saw it so I went ahead and resprayed it with new paint.

I woke up the next day and the same thing has been repeated; '= 6' written on my car with a stone.

Again, I took my car to the sprayer for respraying but at this time, I ordered him to write '4X4 = 16' instead of just '4X4'.

I thought that was definitely going to solve everything.

The next day the madman came around, looked at my car, as usual, he smiled and started clapping. He then picked a stone nearby and drew a correct sign (✓) next to it. 

4x4 = 16 

1. Bleaching your skin till you shine brighter than your future is not a problem, but the problem is having a white face, yellow hands, brown lips and black legs. Are you a Zebra? How will God even recognize you when you go to heaven. He will be like "do I know you from somewhere."

2. How can two policemen be sharing One gun? Policemen in my country can do wonders.

3. The anger of the penis doesn't destroy the vagina. African proverb.

4. Sleeping without money in your pocket is of late very risky. What if you find yourself in a taxi in your dream, how will you pay for it.

5. Witchcraft is when u buy porn disc with over 50 series 1 on the street. You get home, lock all doors and windows, drawdown the curtains, lower the volume of your TV set, hit the play button and then BOOM! Don Moen Live Worship is playing.

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