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FUNNY JOKE: A Letter From The Mosquitoes Association Of Planet Earth, MAPE

A mosquito on the skin ready to bite

Many people hate us more than they hate anything in this world.

Do you know that is sheer wickedness?

Let me tell you something. Because we bit you, all you could do is to kill us?

Have you ever had a thought that the mosquito you killed might be an orphan or a motherless baby mosquito that is desperately in need of food?

What if it is one of the poor mosquitoes who has been ignored by the rich in our community?

Or a maidservant mosquito that has been chased away by its employer and had no food to eat?

What if the mosquito caught its wife cheating with its best friend and needed to get drunk?

Or the mosquito that had a recent breakup and its heartbroken. Do you think of that?

You call yourself a humanitarian but you don't want to help save the lives of mosquitoes that depends on you.

What if a mosquito in labour or in a severe accident has lost a lot of blood and needed your blood for transfusion?

Don't be cruel. Your small blood is more important to us, You only think about yourself. Wicked people.

LESSON: Malaria Kills, Kill Malaria Before It Kills You.

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