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FUNNY JOKE: I'm No Longer The Virgin

A woman sitting on the hospital bed with her gynaecologist in front of her seeking for advice.

A family gathered around a dining table to eat. The youngest among them, 10 years old girl, was not eating.

A few minutes later she said, "I have something to tell you all."

There was complete silence at the table. She started crying: "I'm no longer virgin."

The silence continued. Her parents started blaming each other.

The father, full of anger screamed at the wife "It's all your fault. You always dress and wear makeup like a prostitute. Do you think you set a good sample for your daughter?"

The mother also replied to the father's accusation. "You've covered yours to talk about mine. You waste your salary on sluts who sometimes follow you to your doorstep. Is that a good example you are setting for your daughter?"

The father also attacked the elder sister and called her good for nothing who is always seen with her boyfriend moving from one hotel to another.

As the blame game was still going on, the grandmother who was among the family gathered at the table touched the little girl who was still crying and asked her: "My dear how did it all happen?"

The little girl replied amid sobbing, "It's the Sunday school teacher."

As soon as the name was mentioned, the table was once again filled with silence, shock and anger.

Her father angrily asked, "Which of the teachers are you talking about, I will make sure he rots in jail?"

The little girl replied, "Its Brother Curtis, he has chosen another girl to act as Virgin Mary in the Chrismas drama we're rehearsing. I'll no longer play the role of the Virgin Mary"

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