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FUNNY JOKE: I Drew A Dollar Not On The Classroom Floor

A 1 dollar note on the floor

I was one of the good artists in my school and one day I drew a dollar note on the classroom floor that looks exactly like real money.

My teacher saw it and decided to pick it but in an attempt to do so she breaks her nail.

She got annoyed, took her phone and called my dad to complain about me and explain what I've done.

My father who was at the hospital at that moment replied, "Miss you're a very lucky woman, that idiot drew a vagina on our power socket yesterday. He is the reason why I'm in the hospital right now.

1. Some ladies have visited more houses than Jehovah witness people.

2. T-Rolls of today if you don't take care you'll finger yourself.

3. TEACHER: "give some of the things that can reduce wait."

ME: "Broken heart."

4. The sentence 'It's over between us' can make you search for your shoes in the refrigerator.

5. Why are girls not common in sports? Only 5% are doing sports while the other 95% are busily playing with boys.

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