FUNNY JOKE: The Epic Killer Fart

A cartoon of a man farting with his shorts off showing his butt

This happened in one of the science classes in high school.

The food I eat the previous night had my stomach upset.

I tried to control myself from farting in class but I couldn't.

I released the most epic killer fart in the class and the whole class was in chaos.

My class teacher went crazy and sacked me out of the class.

I went to sit outside of the class and I saw the principal coming.

He walked toward me and I was laughing so loud.

He was confused so he asked me, "What are you doing out here laughing like that?"

I replied, "I farted in the class and my teacher sacked me out of the class."

He asked again, "So what's so funny about this?"

I replied, "Because they are in class taking in the smell while I'm out here enjoying the fresh air."

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