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FUNNY JOKE: Donkey In The Class

A class of pupils with their teacher in front and a donkey as well

In school, my teacher decided to do an experiment with a donkey during one of her classes.

She brought two buckets in the classroom, filled one with beer and the other with water.

She then brought a donkey and commanded it to drink any of them.

The donkey smelled both buckets but chose to drink the water instead.

My teacher then asked the class, "What have you learnt today about this experiment?"

Kevin stood up and answered, "Anyone who does not drink beer is a donkey."

1. Diarrhoea is like Wi-Fi, the more you get closer to the toilet, the more the signal becomes stronger. Even before u unbutton your trouser/pant, the download is already completed.

2. Your girlfriend is black as charcoal and you're still calling her my sunshine. My friend light has nothing to do with darkness.

3. Nothing is painful and annoying than meeting your sister's boyfriend at the pharmacy buying a condom and he goes ahead to shake your hands.

4. Its only good sex that will make a guy promise a girl helicopter while he is sleeping on a student mattress.

5. Once the penis finds its favourite food, the brain becomes useless. Fact.

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