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FUNNY JOKE: Dave The Virgin Boy Got Married

Married couple walking on the street with their wedding garment

Before I married my wife, I was a virgin and had never tried having sex or seeing someone having sex.

In fact, I knew nothing about it.

My parents, who were worried about me got me a girl and married for me.

After the wedding, the first night of us sleeping together, I entered my bedroom only to see my newly wedded wife completely naked.

I was very surprised and didn't know what to do because that was my first time seeing something like that.

WIFE: "Do you know what I want?"

ME: "No."

She laid down on the bed and asked again.

WIFE: "Do you know what I want?"

ME: "I said no."

She then spread her body on the bed and opened her legs and asked me again.

WIFE: " I hope you now know what I want?"

I started laughing for about 5 minutes.

ME: "Of course I know. You want to have the whole bed to yourself. Don't worry I will sleep on the couch. Give me that pillow"

We are currently at the court signing our divorce papers.

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