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FUNNY JOKE: "Can I Play With Your Belly Button?"

A woman with a skimpy shirt showing her bully button

Dave was luckily chosen among the few students to go to this year's annual camping.

In one of the nights, Dave was too scared sleeping all by himself in his tent at the camp.

He runs out of his tent and went straight into Miss Becky's (his teacher) tent and asked "Miss can I sleep with you tonight?'

Miss Becky replied, "No."

With all sadness, Dave said, "But my mom always allow me to sleep with her."

After hearing that Miss Becky agreed to let Dave sleep with her in her tent for that night only.

Dave happily jumped into the bed with her teacher and asked again, "Miss can I play with your belly button?"

The teacher replied, "Hell no".

Dave again made his statement, "But my mom always allow me to do that."

"Well I suppose it's okay" the teacher replied.

Things were silent for a few minutes until the teacher leapt up screaming "That's not my Belly Button." 

Dave replied, "It ain't my finger either".

1. To protect your marriage or relationship, its either you bath with your partner or you bath with your phone.

2. A girl with a small breast is like a phone without internet. Nothing to press.

3. We are living in a generation whereby people in a relationship are free to touch each other's private parts but cannot touch each other's phones because they're private.

4. It's only in my country you will see someone called Peace and would be fighting everybody in the community.

5. My girlfriend asked me to delete my Instagram account or else she'll leave me after I told her I will do anything for what I love. I'm now helping her Pack her things.

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