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FUNNY JOKE: Black Live Matters

A group of black and white people protesting Bkack Live Matters with a large banner with an inspription "Black Lives Matters".

There was once a plane full of passenger flying from China to the United States.

The plane encountered a little fault so it started losing altitude.

The pilot of the plane announced to the passengers that the plane is losing altitude and all bags on board must be thrown out.

They did that but the plane was still losing altitude. They then threw away everything in the cabin.

The plane was still descending after all that they've done.

The pilot came out again and at this time he suggested they throw out some of the people on board.

No one in the plane was ready to be thrown out of the plane to save the lives of the others so the pilot came with an idea and announced: "Passengers will be thrown out in alphabetical order."

So they started with 'A'. "Any African on board?"

 No one responded.

'B'. "Any black on board?"

Again nobody responded.

'C'. "Any coloured person on board?"

There was still no response.

'D'. "What about any dark person on board."

An African little black boy sitting next  to his dad in the plane asked his dad: "Daddy what are we?"

The dad said: "Son don't worry, today we are ZOMBIES."

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