FUNNY JOKE: My Dying Uncle And The Native Doctor

A sick black man lying on a bed and a native doctor in red sitting nest to him

My uncle on a sickbed invited the native doctor from our village to come to his aid.

I know what this native doctor can do so I pleaded with my uncle to wait for God's time but he refused to listen to me so I left his house.

The native doctor finally came and started performing his incantations in the house.

After he was done with his work, he told my uncle that the sickness is incurable but he can work on making it transferable from him to another person and as wicked as my uncle is, he agreed to it.

The native doctor told my uncle that he should shout "dorr" when a person enters his house and the sickness will be transferred to the person except when the person replies "redorr" and it will go back to him.

After everything, the native doctor left the house in a hurry but he forgot to collect his workmanship for the service provided. He later remembered and decided to come back for it.

My uncle was patiently sitting in his couch waiting for his victim to pass through the door.

Immediately the native doctor entered the house, my uncle shouted "dorr" and the native doctor knowing what to say also shouted redorr. My uncle again shouted "redorr redorr".

The noise started last month but as at now they are both still shouting "redorr, redorr, redorr, redorr, redorr, redorr, redorr, redorr, redorr, redorr ..."

The government is even planning on making the house a tourist site.

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