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FUNNY JOKE: Question (2) What Is The Difference Between A Goat And A Sheep?

A goat standing on a tree stump and a sheep on a grazing field

Guys, I think my class teacher hates me.

This guy who has been taking the last position in my class after exams have moved to a different school so I was a bit scared because he is the only one I always beat when exams are conducted.

As a result of that, I decided to learn very hard for the exams so that I won't take the last position but still my teacher claim I didn't get any of the exams questions correctly.

I may not have gotten some of the questions right but as for question 2, there is no way I'm going to get it wrong.

Here is the question; "What are the difference between a goat and a sheep?"

Now check out my answer;

1. A Goat can cross a road wisely but sheep is very foolish and walk slowly on the road when crossing.

2. A goat is stubborn and doesn't respect at all but sheep is humble and respect so much.

3. A Goat can jump and turn 360° but a sheep can not jump and turn 360°.

4. Goat's meat in a soup tastes wow but sheep's meat in a bowl of soup does not taste wow.

5. Goat's soup gives an excellent perfume especially the boy goat but sheep's soup does not give perfume.

6. A goat has a sharp brake but the sheep do not have.

7. Goat's head smells like shit but sheep's head does not smell like shit.

8. Goats are on the left side of God but sheep are on the right side of God.

9. Goat cries pobebe pobebe but sheep cries beeh beeh.

10. Lastly, Goat's hair is perming but sheep's hair is jerry curls.

What do you think about my answer? I hope you now believe that my teacher hates me.

OMG! I'm very brilliant.

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