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FUNNY JOKE: I Asked My Dad The Difference Between Potentiality And Reality

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At the age of eight, I decided to test my father's intelligence by asking him a tricky question.

So I asked my dad the difference between potentiality and reality.

My dad turns to my mom and asks "Would you sleep with Bill Gate For $50 million?"

My mom, without hesitation, she replied, "yes, of course, I will never waste this good opportunity."

My dad also turned to my sister and asked: "will you sleep with Prince Harry for $20 million?"

My sister also replied, "yes I will, He is even my crush".

After these questions, my dad turned to me and said: "look, my son, potentially we are living with two billionaires but in reality, we are leaving with two prostitutes."

That was the moment I realized my father is the most intelligent man on this planet.

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