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FUNNY JOKE: The Ghost's Message

A ghost in a white cloth and a gmail logo

My wife and I planned on going on a vacation but something came up and I have to leave her behind so she can join me later.

I got to the destination safe and checked into a hotel.

In my room, there was a computer with a free WiFi connection so instead of calling my wife, I decided to take advantage of the free WiFi and send her a message through email.

I mistakenly typed in a wrong email address which was actually the address of a widow.

15 minutes later, the woman had come back home from the burial service of her late husband. 

She decided to check her email to see if there were messages of condolence from friends and relatives.

After reading the message that was mistakenly sent from me to her, she fainted.

Her son quickly rushed into the room and saw his mom lying lifeless on the floor, the email message opened on the desktop of their computer and it reads.

"To my lovely wife. My dear, I know you will be surprised to hear from me through an email but I just want to tell you that I've just checked in. There are computers here with internet connections and I am allowed to use it so I decided to send you this message. How are our children doing? This place is really nice but loneliness is killing me here. I have made the necessary arrangement for your arrival next week. I will be expecting you, darling. I can't wait to see you, safe journey."

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