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FUNNY JOKE: My Blind Friend Visited His Choir Mistress At Her House

A blind man siting on a stairs with his walking stick in his hands

Last Saturday, Stephen, my blind friend paid a visit to his choir mistress in her apartment.

When he reached there, he knocked on the door and the woman responded from her bathroom.

She allowed him into the apartment while she continues to take her bath.

Since she knows Stephen is blind and can't see, she came out of the shower naked.

She stood in front of him, with her legs wide open, she started shaving while engaging Stephen in a conversation.

CHOIR MISTRESS: "Hello Stephen, what brings you here? Is everything going on well at home?"

STEPHEN: I'm very fine my dear. I just came to tell you what the Lord has done for me."

CHOIR MISTRESS: "Oh really? Please tell me everything"

STEPHEN: "I came to tell you that I have done an eye surgery and I can now see everything very clear."

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