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FUNNY JOKES: How To Choose A Name For Your Baby

A little baby laying stomach down on the floor with a his tongue stuck out

This is a free consultation service from me to you.  This is the little I can do to show how much I love you guys.

Now Let me show you how to choose a cute name for your baby.

A baby made in the morning would be called Monica.

A baby made in the evening would be called Evelyn.

A baby made on the floor would be called Florence.

A baby made at the door would be called Doreen.

A baby made under the bridge would be called Bridget.

A baby made in the car would be called Carol.

A baby made at midday would be called Mildred.

A baby made in a hurry would be called Harrison.

A baby made on the mat would be called Matilda.

A baby made on the road would be called Rhoda.

A baby made In the bar would be called Barbara.

If the lady was being forced, Faustina.

If the man is guilty, Gilbert.

Can you guess the name, if the child was made in the bush? Add yours at the comment session to complete the list.

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