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FUNNY JOKES: I Visited My Crush From The Church

A guy with flowers in his hands hidden behind him and knocking at a door

I had a crush on one pretty girl in my church so one Sunday I approached her and talked to her.

She was friendly so I used that opportunity to ask if I can visit her during the weekend and she said yes.

So on Saturday evening, I decided to visit her.

I got to the house and started knocking at the door but there was no response although I can hear someone in the house.

After knocking on the door several times without response, I took out my complimentary card and wrote "Revelation 3:20" at the back and dropped it in front of the door.

The following day, which was Sunday, I met the girl at church and she handed back to me the complimentary card I dropped in front of her door.

I looked at it and I started laughing.

She had written "Genesis 3:10"

Find a bible and lookup for those quotations and you would understand why I was laughing.

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