FUNNY JOKES: A Fathers Letter To His Son In Prison

An old farmer with and axe on his shoulder standing in a plantation. A hand written letter in ink.

An old father wrote a letter to his son in prison. It reads: "Son, I will not be able to plant cassava and yam this year because I can't dig the field. I know you would've helped me if you were here."

The son replied to his father's letter: "Dad don't even think about digging the field because that's the place I buried the gold I stole."

The police and the prison service after reading the letter from the son went to the field early in the morning and dug the whole field with the aim of searching for the stolen gold but nothing was found.

The next day the son wrote to his father. "Dad you can now go to the field and plant your cassava and yam, this is the best I can do from here."

Dad replied: "My son you're so powerful, even in the prison cells you were able to command police officers to work for me. I was a bit surprised to see the police commander and his team holding shovels and axes digging my field. I will write to you when it's ready for harvesting."

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