FUNNY JOKES: The Breadwinner

Slices of bread from a full bread

I had the chance to interview this politician in my village and this is what happened.

ME: Mr Kojo, "I understand you are the breadwinner in your family"?

MR KOJO: "Really? I'm hearing this allegation for the first time, I have never heard of this before. I know where this is coming from. It's the work of those who want to tarnish my image. I want to tell you that, I've never been in any competition to win any bread. Ask those people who claim I've won a bread where they saw me winning a bread?"

ME: "Oh I see."

MR KOJO: "Look, I don't need to be a breadwinner before I can feed my family. How much does bread cost that I can't buy with my own money? Those claiming I'm a breadwinner must be very careful otherwise I will sue them."

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