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FUNNY JOKE: My Prostitute Sister Finally Comes Home

A prostitute on the street talking to a client in a car

My sister returned home after 5 years stay in the United States.

FATHER: "Where the hell have you been all these years?"

SISTER: "I was working in California."

FATHER: "Really! What kind of work were you doing over there?"

SISTER: "I was a prostitute."

FATHER: "What! Get out of my house before I lose my temper, you whore. Don't ever show your face in this house again, do you understand?"

SISTER: (Crying bitterly) "I will go but before I go let me tell you why I came here. I came to give you $5 million signed cheque and another $2 million for my brother. I have already bought a big mansion in the city and your favourite car for you. Goodbye, dad."

FATHER: "What kind of work did you say you were doing?"

SISTER: (Still crying) "A prostitute dad."

FATHER: "OMG! Come and give daddy a hug, I thought you said you were a prosecutor."

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