FUNNY JOKES: Why I Hate All Kinds Of Bells

A picture with all kinds of bells, doorbell, school bell, church bell and call bell.

When I was a kid I usually piss off my neighbours by pressing on their doorbell and then running away.

One day, one of my neighbours' doorbell was faulty so on an attempt to press it, I touched it, and it shocked me.

I decided that I won't be the only one to get this electric shock so I called Kevin to join me press on the bell.

Kevin was the shortest among my friends.

Kevin found it difficult to reach the level of the bell so I decided to help him by carrying him up.

Guys what happened at that moment changed my life.

Since then I have made it my business not to touch any bell of any kind again.

Being it doorbells, church bells, school bells, I don't even sing the "Jingle Bell" song.

In fact, I even hate people with names like "Mabel", "Annabel", "Isabel", and "Christabel".

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