FUNNY JOKES: I Tried Making Pancake

A Pancake in a white ceramic plate on a table with a folk placed on a blue napkins next to it.

Last Friday after a long day at work, I decided to make a Pancake for myself.

So I rushed to a grocery store nearby and bought some eggs.

Some few minutes later I started making the Pancake like I knew what I was about to do.

I broke the first egg and it was empty, second and third eggs were also empty.

Full of anger, I took it to the grocery store to log a complaint.

The grocery storekeeper wanted to see for herself so she broke some of the eggs in the store and they were all empty as well.

She then took the empty eggs with her to also log a complaint to the owner of the poultry farm she bought the eggs.

When we reached the poultry farm, the fowls started laughing at us.

They were like, "Hahahaha... look at them, they don't even know we have started using contraceptives."

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